About Us:

Alpha Group corporate philosophy is the distinctively different way of thinking that has evolved through the company's history.

As well as encapsulating Alpha Group company philosophy, mission and vision for the future, it reflects

the values that all Alpha people share in Egypt.

Ever since the company philosophy was first articulated in 1988, Alpha's approach has been rooted in a powerful sense of social responsibility because of the public nature of the business it pursues.

We commit to producing medicines with integrity and embodies a spirit of bold, confident innovation underpinned by passion and thorough implementation:
As the bedrock of a culture that underpins the organization, these guiding principles inform all the activities of Alpha Group globally.

Our Culture:

We believe in ourselves, our experiences, our partners, and our people.

We believe in our knowledge.

We believe in transparency.

We always believe it is possible

Future Plans:

Alpha group company has an established market existence in the recent toll manufacture Pharmaceutical Products

Alpha group company has an share in the construction of pharmaceutical factory

In a later stage will go for medical device